Celebrate One-of-a-Kind YOU…

Today I realise, Zenwa adds value to its customer.

How so?

There was a time when I felt bad and discouraged about showcasing the latest Zenwa range to whomever I come across, my existing clientele as well. I would often think to myself, “Times are tough, we are all struggling financially with taxes going up and the gloomy economic conditions in our country. What makes you, Ncumisa, think that there is a woman out there who will spend their hard-earned money on frivolous purchases like your fabulous dresses and decor stuff?”

Well, today I was sitting in a taxi and overhead women talk among themselves. What triggered my interest in the conversation was the context.

One was sharing with her travel-mates how, the specific dress she was wearing, bought with her hard-earned money, reminded every time she wore it that she is fabulous!

They went on and talked about how one does not need a lot of stuff, buying a dress or two that will serve you for a few years is sufficient. Because, as women we do need that special 👗 that always works no matter what! That recollects one’s confidence without breaking the bank, serving well in any occasion, be it a formal family gathering, a church event, a wedding or even that odd outing with the girls!

So, dear reader,

I proudly say, Zenwa aims to serve and honour the woman. Every part of her that needs to be clothed and soothed. Reminded of her greatness. Gracing her ebbs and flows without making her feel too fat or too skinny. Serving her for years as if it was bought yesterday!

We all deserve it. Our confidence in ourselves and our abilities is elevated when we feel beautiful.

And the right dress does just that. 

We conquer the world one dress a time!

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