She is a rural girl with a mission: to live life to the fullest; do all things possible and just fill her heart and soul with all it needs 4 a rhythmic beat.

Nomna, Circa 2011
@My favourite place in the world, Home of Reggae music

She is moved by music, conscious meaningful music; poetry, books, vintage and beautifully crafted clothes; travelling with no plans whatsoever other than a plane ticket and an address.

Her home is an extension of herself, that reflects who she is, where she’s been and where she is going and everybody’s welcome to call it home too.

@My Jamaica, Embusweni

Art long captured her heart and soul in all its forms, she spends her days and nights indulging in it.

She is a lover (loves being in love – there is no better feeling) and wears her heart on the sleeve; a sister, a friend, a daughter. A cousin, an aunt, a niece that will move the world just to make their lives a tad better, easier, liveable and enjoyable.

She is a mother, yes she is, never thought she had it in her, guess what, she is one fine mother!!!!!

She walks for miles on end, just for the sake of it, appreciating Mother Nature in her purest and modernised forms.

Me, Tata and his transport

And she is her, as she is, daddy’s girl, no pretences, no apologies.

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