Where I was going…

Yeah I got caught up on Facebook as soon as I grabbed my phone to write this post. Typical behaviour, I got sidetracked and in the process a fire was lit up in my chest!

Then I remembered that, Facebook wasn’t the reason I had grabbed this phone at this hour to air my chest.

After all is said and done, the reason why I grabbed this phone is…

I am faced with a task to go face my past, my past love, or is it still current love? Well I don’t know any more but yeah I have to go to Joburg, tie up loose ends and put some matters to bed.

It’s hard pulling myself out of the bliss of where I am.

I look around and listen to the messages that birds sing in their chirp, the mountains that remind me there are distant places in my sight I cannot even begin to imagine ever reaching.

I look at the children playing mindlessly and remember what it was like when I could not see their play!

Deep sigh,

I pull myself out of my comfort, down the drink (last swallow) and decide that yes,

I will go ahead and face my past self.

My past world.

My love.

My foregone dream that came true but didn’t deliver the gold I had anticipated would be the reward.

Just like in the movies, right?


4 months in Mount Fletcher, what have I been up to?

I decided to relocate and this is a brief account of the first four months back home. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLZMAphjo67/?igshid=1kih23qwt2bmf

“When you don’t have a vision…

3 Reasons why my life changed…

1. 👉 My Mom’s Illness

2. 👉 The Threadmill

3. 👉 Freedom to live my best life regardless of location

3 Reasons WHY my life changed

Victoria Yards


Soul Connect Special Offer

Hi everyone

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Uplevel your Skills


I signed up for 33 online courses on #Coursera today.

It sounds like a lot of courses however, each one takes about 2.5 hours to complete, and it is in subject matters currently in my to-do list.

So why did I load up on so much learning?

I figured it will help me immersely to have a learning guide with me every step of the way, as I continue to complete my business to-do list.

This will ensure that I get things right the first time, and learn any new tricks in the process.

I am a pro, been doing most of my work for about a decade now, however new tricks are always welcome.

This is especially because I’ve shifted my business focus from corporate clients to individuals, also from traditional business to creative arts industry. Those shifts require that I brush up and keep myself relevant to the new industry I am currently operating in and the new customer.


When last did you sign up for a course?

Learning has become easier with the introduction of online video lessons.

Take advantage of free learning opportunities and upgrade your skill set. You will not regret that investment.

Change is the only constant in life.

With change comes unlearning the old, learning the new and relearning the basics!

Upgrade your mind, update your abilities and see the benefit in your life.

#onlinelearning #digitalera #changeisthenewnormal #onlinecourses #uplevelyourskillset #Mindevelop #CelebrateYOU #OneofaKind
#Coursera #NomnaAcademy

I want to learn to…

  1. Run a professional design company.
  2. Say No when I feel it is No.
  3. Accept others and not want them to change.
  4. Stop pushing my kids too hard.
  5. Spend more time nurturing my teenage son.
  6. Grow my own food in my own land.
  7. Appreciate the life I have instead of always working towards or wishing for a better one.
  8. Help other people without damaging myself.
  9. Deal with my demons without relapsing to worse ones.
  10. Speak and act in a calm manner instead of anger and rush.

Nomna Academy… Say WHAT?

Four months ago I signed for an “UNLEASH my GENIUS” program with Lauren Dallas. I was skeptical, not sure what this genius I am signing up to unleash looks like. I didn’t know what would come out of it. I just felt an urge to do it and had the money to pay for it.

Fast forward and here I am with an online school, with MY name on it!


In this era of online experts and coaches, various opportunities being presented by the technological evolution, I discovered that there are platforms that can help me advance what I have been doing for organisations in the last 13 years and more to benefit my community.

This morning I also discovered that I need not create each and every learning and growth material on my own, because many others have invested time, effort and heart into open source learning material that we can share and make the world a better place for all.

I come from the rural outskirts of Eastern Cape, Mount Fletcher.

There are no learning institutions that can equip the youth with the right skills, knowledge and opportunities to grab life with both hands and become confident contributors to the world including their immediate community.

There are many communities and areas like these in Africa at large where access to higher education, personal development, learning and growth means that you have to pack up your bags, venture into unknown worlds in the cities to seek greener pastures.

There are conditions to this, such as, is your family able to support you financially, emotionally and otherwise on that quest to seek greener pastures and bright successful future?

Some of these trips never end up with positive results, some who dare venture out ending up living on the streets with no food to eat, resorting to crimes and drugs just to escape the grime reality of city life they find themselves faced with.

I am one of those lucky few that had all the opportunities to succeed. I mean, I could pick and choose what I want to do with my life without a worry.

The only thing I needed to ensure was that I do well in school because education was my only way out of the rural small town into the big cities and all that they bring.

There are many who do not have this opportunity, mainly because a majority of the communities in these rural towns rely on government grants to survive. Higher education beyond government high school, Further Education and Training colleges becomes a distant dream likely impossible to reach.

All I can say now is, I have never been more motivated nor aligned to God’s purpose like I do now. When this journey started I had no idea I would end up here.

So, to you reader, that has taken the time to read here, your silent prayer of support and strength is what will fuel this spirit forward.


Ncumisa Nomna Academy, may you be a success and deliver what God has intended with the seed He planted in MY genius.

I continue to UNLOCK IT towards Go-LIVE.

I have been part of so many Go-lives in my career, this one is the ULTIMATE!!!!

Context is everything – unlearning and relearning parameters

“I’m Done…”

Undervaluing myself

Doubting myself

Feeling inadequate

Seeking other’s approval

Being apologetic about who I am

Trying to please

Being too kind even when being taken advantage of.

Nomna, Dec 2016

Today I had to remind myself the lessons I learnt in therapy and my “I’m Done… list” that followed this learning affirmation.

But then again, context is everything.

I have spent the last three months working on my best body of work to date. Yet the most crucial step, reaching out to my ideal audience in order to validate my offer, has been the most difficult one to complete.

This has hampered my progress in more ways than one. I am super glad I listened to the inner self and didn’t rush into it just because I had to complete it and move on with the work at hand.

As I read my “I’m done…” list today, I realise why I find it difficult reaching out to validate my offer…

Once upon a time I had to learn these important lessons of valuing myself, but what I am learning today is that context is everything.

Yes, I may have continued doing my own thing without seeking approval nor validation from anyone. Yes, it has cost me serious money here and there missing out on first hand information on the type of solutions people are in need of. Sometimes missing the point completely.

So, some un-learning, and re-learning had to take place…

Now I recognise that

  1. to engage my audience and validate my offer does not spell that I doubt myself, nor seeking others’ approval. It simply allows me to be relevant to those I seek to help through my solutions. THAT IS A GOOD THING.
  2. engaging my audience to validate my offer is not about trying to please them, it is about ensuring that my solution is fit for purpose. THAT IS A GOOD THING TOO.
  3. if I really value myself, have self-confidence in my unique divine purpose and in my passion projects, there is no need to worry about what people will say, or feel like I am inadequate or not qualified enough to take this next step in my entrepreneurial journey. CHERRY ON TOP!

So Nomna, Go on, have those conversations with your audience, send that survey out and do run those insightful focus groups, podcasts, videos, interviews and webinars.


You are Ncumisa Nomna Mbusi, and your true calling on this planet is to help people navigate through desired and unforeseen change in their lives.

Now you are busy cracking your skull trying to pre-determine their needs on their behalf, why don’t you go on and ASK THEM?