Soul Connect Special Offer

Hi everyone

Are you looking to renew your zest for your life, gain clarity and boost your confidence on your change journey?

I am a qualified and intuitive change coach who’s worked with major organisations as a consultant, now focused on helping individuals and entrepreneurs turn their dreams, ideas and visions into reality during times of change.

Book yourself a Soul Connect Session with me for the month of September and get a 2-for-1 offer for only R950.
Normal rates for each session are R950 per session, but because September is my birthday month, you get a FREE follow-up session for every booking.

Bookings can be made for Wed, Thurs, Friday and Saturday, and only ONE SLOT PER DAY is open for booking.

To book your session hit the “Whatsapp” button on my page and specify in your message that you would like to book a Soul Connect session.


Its been 6 years….
Its time❤
#Lovezenwa is
My Heart Beat


It is 2013, and what better way to start off the new year on a fresh exciting note!!!

Okay, my only new year’s resolution, is to put a bit more time and effort into this space, and, please Lawd help me, find inspiration not in pain and heartache, but the everyday joys and pleasures.

One pleasure I indulge myself in every morning, that usually determines my attitude for the day ahead, is my outfit for the day. I should mention, I love shopping like all women, and unfortunately, sometimes you can only do so little shopping with a tight budget, so, creativity starts kicking in.

I will be documenting some of my inspirational “recycled” outfits now and again. Well, by recycled I don’t mean I will be showing you outfits made out of plastic and all sorts of recycled material, (I’m not that brave / daring), but rather how to…

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