The fast-changing nature of this technological era and growth responsibilities often leads to misalignment with our inner selves.

This academy’s mission is to inspire, nurture, and support authentic, passion-driven growth experiences at home, at work, at play.

When we lose touch with our inner beings we lose the sense of joy and fulfillment. Life loses its meaning and charm.


Growth Programs

Our combination of practical tool-kits, frameworks and templates, live sessions, interactive events, and peer-to-peer conversations will help you ALIGN YOUR LIFE goals with your values, passion, skills, and actions to take in bringing your LEGACY to life.


Step into the UNKNOWN with CONFIDENCE.

DISCOVER your AUTHENTIC self and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE at home, at work, at play with confidence during times of change.

It’s not just about the QUIRKY CLOTHING you’re wearing, it’s about your CONFIDENCE!

Be confident in your AUTHENTIC SELF.

This program will give you the tips, tools and activities that will help you find your authentic self, rediscover your unique attributes so you can flaunt your authenticity with CONFIDENCE.


Visualize YOUR BEST LIFE: Review your growth lessons and CLARIFY your LIFE PATH.

Passion Living

Your PRACTICAL GUIDE to sustainable passion living


Navigate moments of change with ADVENTURE by igniting your passions into unique creative assets that authenticate YOUR UNIQUE LEGACY.

This program will give you the tips, tools and activities that will help you GET CREATIVE.

Turn your INNER WISDOM, life lessons and UNIQUE PASSIONS from a hobby / interest into an income stream and a hustle you can invest yourself in and develop, ultimately building a reputable PERSONAL LEGACY brand with CONFIDENCE.


Design YOUR BEST LIFE: Create YOUR OWN Passion Living Journey Map.

WE Value                                                                                                                               

Individuality | Freedom | Adventure

“When you cease to just work and you live, you don’t just excel, YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!”

Noeline Kirabo

Mind your BS: Hustlers’ Creative Bible

EXPERIENCE FREEDOM to live an authentic, balanced and fulfilling life with confidence.

Get creative and find your voice in how you show up to the world.

The Program covers FIVE Modules

  1. Business Basics
  2. Mind your Business Strategy
  3. Mind your Business Systems
  4. Mind your Business Services
  5. Mind your Business Style


  • Enjoy the FREEDOM of location and DIGITIZE your hustle.
  • Turn that HUSTLE into a LEGACY
  • Live YOUR BEST LIFE on Your Terms

These online programs are for YOU if:

You’re looking for ways to get to know yourself, improve your life prospects with excitement in order to adapt to life changes with a positive attitude that sees opportunity in the simple things in life.

  • Online Video Lessons
  • Supported by Group & One-on-One coaching sessions
  • From R495 upwards per ONLINE program
  • 1 hour per day (7 hours a week) self-paced fun art-based learning activities
  • Printable workbooks, instant self-evaluation quizzes and formal assessment assignments
  • Certificate of competence issued on completion.

“Positive Change to us means we do not give you expertise. We help you BRING OUT YOUR OWN inner WISDOM!Change starts with YOU”

Our Promise to YOU                                                                                                           

Authenticity | Confidence | Legacy

What people say,

“Ncumisa is detail oriented, she does her work with passion. A strong team player with brilliant leadership skills. What makes her to stand above the rest is her ability to identify challenges and take initiative to resolve them.”

— Vhutshilo

“In a nutshell Ncumisa is a strong caring woman who values life, she has a big heart and it is important to her to see the next person growing and becoming a better person. She is encouraging and has an ambition which becomes an inspiration when you look at her career path and where she wants to be in the future. As a friend she will push to get the best out of a person for that person’s benefit.”

— Siyasanga

Celebrate One-of-a-Kind YOU!


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